In a few words

Technical specifications
Type of movementPulse motion with vibration
Type of head7 carbon fiber sticks (30 cm) with independent movement
Rpm of the head1600 rpm @ 16V DC
Motor14-16V/ 200W
Output180kg olive seed/hour
Initial length2.70m ( 3.7m with extension)
ExtensionOptional Extention 1.0m
Cable length15m for generator or battery use
Average consumption9A / hr
Usage instructions
  1. Place the injection pins of the cord to the respective current supplier (generator, battery, rectifier 12VDC). There is not polarity (+ -), so it does not matter how you place the pins as long as they connect properly to the receptors of the supplier.
  2. Start the generator or battery or 12VDC rectifier. The consumption of the devices is 8Α/h.
  3. Press the on-off switch at the base of the harvester. The harvester is now working.

Αngelis 4 in Slow Motion



ANGELIS 4 has a single carbon fiber rake.

It is patented by the I.P.O. as the first carbon fibre electric harvester with independent pulse motion 


7 carbon fiber sticks (30 cm) with independent movement

An aluminium tube for lower weight

A stainless-steel mechanism for endurance

With anti-vibration rings for easy handling


Με αντιδονητικά δαχτυλίδια για ευκολία στο χειρισμό.




It has 7 long carbon fibres 6M placed on aluminum T8 cam shafts. The movement of the carbon fibres is independent, cams and based on the traditional harvesting beating with wooden rods.
Inside the head there are 7 ertacetal gears on steel axes, accompanied by 14 ball bearings of high quality.
Its tube is made of aluminum, it has a 8mm threaded rod made also of aluminum, of T8 hardness specification and it is protected by anti-vibrant rubber and ertalon rings.


Electric DC 200W performance 1600 rpm at 16V

With the switch of on-off 35A and conversion unit of moving the stick to pulse.
It works with car battery (with added converter) with 10-12A / O consumption.
Supplied with 15m cable.


The AGGELIS 4 has a DC type BOSCH 600W electric motor with a steel gear in its axis.
The οn-off switch is 35A.
The satellite reducer has a metallic pitchfork and ertacetal gears. The reducer conveys the motion from the axis to the head through a compler. The independent pulse movements of the carbon fibres can reach up to 1600 per min at 16V.
The AGGELIS 4 operates with DC 12-14V and it consumes 9A/h. It can work on a car battery, though in this case a converter of our invention will have to be added, so as the voltage would be controlled and the motor would function the best. The consumption with a voltage converter is 10-12A per hour
If however you wish to use a purchased or a makeshift battery, you should put a voltmeter at the output, to ensure that the voltage does not exceed the 16V.