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Type of movement

Pulse motion with vibration

Initial length

2,30m (3,3μ with extension)

Type of head

2 cams, 2 rods steel gears ,8 carbon fiber sticks


2,1kg (without cable)

Rpm of the head

700-1550rpm @ 12V DC


12V / 800 W (Brushless)

Cable length



Extention 1.0m


200 –270kg kg olive seed/hour

Average consumption

6A / hour

Power supply

Battery (80A – 100A)

or generator (with company’s voltage stabilizer)


  • Powerful 800W Brushless motor.
  • New repeating control switch.
  • The 6-speed speed controller gives the Amolivo the ability of a range of 700-1550 pulses per minute at 12v to be able to cover even the most demanding users.
  • Reinforced and fully waterproof control board with memory system.
  • Cable release socket for easy use in the field.
  • Professional use with 80 A battery for 8 hours.
  • Ability of use with a generator of our company (which is provided with a voltage stabilizer at 14V).


Amolivo is 100% Greek made olive harvester machine with a patented mechanism of our invention, which is a double comb harvester with carbon fiber.

2 cams, 2 rods steely gears,
8 carbon fiber sticks

Zero damage
Absolute balance

Unique arrangement of 5m carbon fiber on two separate bases.
Each base has 4 carbon fibers that are firmly fastened with a special mold of our invention. The two bases form a V shape and are designed to offer the largest width in the market (54cm maximum width).
Absolutely controlled closure to avoid clipping.


Amolivo is equipped with the latest motor technology (brushless type) and a speed controller so that you can adjust the pulses of the machine according to the needs and the type of olive.
The 6 operating scales ranging from 700 to 1550 pulses per minute as well as the high torque at low speeds make Amolivo the ultimate tool for harvesting any type of olive.

Carbon Fiber Protectors

With the new carbon fiber protectors, you can safely stick your edible olives: Kalamon, Halkidiki etc.
The seed falls easily and without injury!

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