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 Complimentary Products


  • 12V DC generator can operate up to 3 harvest rods simultaneously with a central regulation.
  • 3 independent regulation options to operate 3 harvest rods of different types
  • Equipped with voltmeter, ammeter and metallic borns.
  • The dynamo is placed on an anti-vibrating rubber base and has a compler on its axis.
  • It can accommodate coil or choke motor.
  • Automatic induction and voltage regulator.


Rectifiers AC220V – DC12V for 1 or 2 harvesting rakes.

  • Single rectifier (for powering 1 harvester) has a 20A coil, automatic relay and a 4 position DC switch to convert 12-16V
  • Double rectifier (for powering 2 harvesters) has 2 20A coils, 2 automatic relays and 2 4 position DC switches to convert 12-16V
  • They can charge the car battery independently

DC Power Converter-Adaptor For 12-19V Batteries

  • Suggested battery 80-100 A will provide 6-7 hours of non-stop operation of the harvest rake.
  • The contact point with the battery has polarity (+ -).

Telescopic Extension

For all the olive harversters there is an optionally telescopic extension 1 meter