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Type of movement

Pulse motion with vibration

Initial length

2,20 – 2,70m

Type of head

22 plastic sticks (10 points each)



Rpm of the head

2000 rpm @ 14V DC


12- 14V/ 200W (600W torque)

Cable length

15m (for use with generator or battery)


200kg olive seed/ hour

Average consumption

8A / hour

Power supply

Generator or battery (80A – 100A) with converter


Angelis 1 is our the first rake harvester  constructed and brought revolution in the world of olives.

It is the basis for the creation of all the latter pulse motion harvesters


22 sticks (10cm) friendly to olive trees and seeds.

With german aluminium tube for low weight.

Mechanism from steel for durability.

With anti-vibration rings for ease of handling.

The Greek farmers have named it KOU-PE-PE (after the name of a children’s game) because of the circular pulse motion of its head. The head is equipped with 22 plastic sticks (7 double and 2 quadruple), tree friendly, 10cm long each, placed in a cross shape, thus allowing for the maximum performance without damaging the olives.
The sticks are attached on the square-shaped inner axis of the head.
Its tube is made of aluminum, has a 7mm threaded rod made of silver steel and it is protected by anti-vibrant rubber and ertalon rings.


Electric DC 200W performance 2000 rpm  at 14V.

With the switch of on-off 35A and unit conversion of its movement to pulse

It works with simple car battery with fuel consumption of just 8A / h. Supplied with 15 m cable

It has an electric DC 600W motor with an induction hardened metallic gear, an οn-off 35A switch and a reducer to convert the motion to pulse. The reducer through a compler conveys the motion from the axis to the head which can then reach a performance rate of 2000 rpm/12V. The AGGELIS 1 operates with DC 12-14V. It can also work on a car battery and it consumes just 8A/h. If however you wish to use a purchased or a makeshift battery, you should put a voltmeter at the output, to ensure that the voltage does not exceed the 14V.