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Type of movement

Pulse motion with vibration
Technology 6x6

Construction material

Carbon Fiber Tube

Initial length

2,50m – 3,00m

Type of head

Eccentric T8 aluminum counterweights with 48 carbon fiber sticks



Rpm of the head

2000 rpm @ 16V DC

Average consumption

8A / hour


14-16V/ 400W

28-30V/ 400W *concerns 24V motors

Cable length



200 – 250kg olive seed

Power supply

Generator or battery (80A – 100A) with converter


With the NEW SYSTEM (Independent movement of the spheres) 4x4 and 6x6 is achieved:

  • Greater penetration in the densest parts of the olive tree
  • Minimize damage to fruits and olives
  • Relaxed usage after transferring zero vibrations to the user.

The olive harvester Asteras Max is pulse machine with 2 heads and 48 carbon fiber sticks.

The unique layout of carbon fiber along with the wide range balanced pulse motion, achieves maximum performance without the slightest wear on the tree


ASTERAS MAX is 100% made in Greece with a patented mechanism of our invention, which is an olive picker with eccentric T8 aluminum counterweights

48 carbon fiber sticks,

2 eccentric T8 aluminum counterweights

* Ability to add 4x4 or 6x6 system to all types of Astera

Evolving our company’s best seller ASTERAS CF even more, we added an additional bar with 8 sticks for maximum range, and even greater efficiency. The unique arrangement of the sticks, combined with the elasticity and penetration of the head, result in the creation of the ultimate tool for harvesting olives.


  • It has an electric motor BOSCH DC 400W with an output of 2000 pulses per minute at 16V
  • Features an ON-OFF switch 35A and a head-to-pulse gear reducer
  • It also works with a car battery (WITH ADDITIONAL CONVERTER). with consumption 10-12 A / HOUR
  • Comes with cable 15 meter

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