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From 1970 with ANGELIS 1 the idea of pulsation became the basis for our olive harvesters machines.

Our continuous effort to make the olive harvest easier, led us to perfect this mechanism.

On this philosophy we create olive harvesters that help the unique needs of every farmer.


Through forty years experience in manufacturing olive harvesters, we know that the quality of the materials plays the most important role in the durability and performance of a farm machine
With this in mind we manufacture machines with top quality materials such as:
Carbon or blends of thermoplastic for increased resistance to head
Anti-vibration rubber rings and ertalon
Aluminium rods


To achieve the maximum distances to each of our olive harvester, we use powerful electric motors 200Watt at 12-16V
In this way we achieve returns that reach the 2000rpm and average consumption of less than 8A/hour