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Apart from the Greek farmers, Angelis machines are trusted by farmers from Italy, Spain, Israel, Tunisia, France and Portugal. Our goal is our quality machinery to reach more farmers and even more countries.

We will be happy to make your business part of our official resellers in your country.

Whether you call it harvester, olive shaker or olive picker, whether it’s about a double comb/head rake or a machine with a different technology, Angelis has the answer for all kinds of electric olive harvesters.

Since our story begun with the very first olive harvester machine ever constructed worldwide, we are proud to say that we have the knowledge and the quality to offer the top machines in the market of olive picking nowadays.

We have already achieved to be the No.1 option based on the farmer choices in many countries.
For that reason, we would always be open for new agreements with businesses that want to import and distribute our top quality products around the globe.

All of our machines are constructed and made in Greece in our own factory facilities while you can easily find our brand among the top manufacturers in the world of olive harvesting.
This year, we focus on further expanding our distribution channel in several countries.


To this day, with more than 200 dealers we have achieved a total coverage of all areas in both Greece and Cyprus. In addition, dealers from several other countries (Italy, Spain, Israel among others) are taking advantage of the monopoly they created in their country by importing our products and being the first to offer them in their nation. As we only do wholesale, but we always advertise our machines worldwide, our products are well known to farmers for their agricultural needs. So we create the demand for you by serving them with more and more awareness campaigns. We will be happy to make your business part of our official resellers in your country.

The history of the ANGELIS company begun in 1970, when Anastasios Angelis -who worked at that time as a technician at the olive oil mill constructions- started to wonder, while watching the workers beating the trees with wooden rods, why there was not a single user friendly harvesting device that would bring the fruit to the ground more easily despite the fact that the olive tree has been widely cultivated in Greece for centuries.

He started to reflect on the movement of the wooden rod that for many centuries has been used by the workers, in order to bring the fruit to the ground and he conceived the idea of the vibrating motion, which has become the foundation for all the olive harvesting devices created to this day. He started off using an air motor, then an oil one and finally a DC power motor.

Over time we have managed to refine the first olive harvester machine in the world. The olive harvester machine that still holds the number one spot in Greece’s heart and olive groves.

Our love for the olive tree as well as the meticulousness of our work has led the way to the development of the next 5 harvesting devices. They are all innovative, offer many advantages and are always ahead of their time. Their durability along with a great performance makes them the first choice of the Greek farmer.